$20 per week

18 20 per weekIn early 2001, wanting nothing more than to surf every day, I packed everything I owned into the trusty wagon and headed east. With barely enough money to live for 2-3 weeks and nothing more than the knowledge of a small coastal town with two Woolworths supermarkets, I made the solo trek. Somehow managing to pick up a job and a unit within the first 3 days and living on $20 per week for food, this town became my home. I met some cool people, found some amazing waves and what followed, will be the most memorable 3 years of my life.

The first person I met when I arrived, turned out to be one of the coolest people I will ever meet. Today Josh Tyler runs a successful business ‘Tyler’s Pantry’ as a chef, but back in the day, Josh had a little something else up his sleeve…

This is a scan of a 12 year old 35mm Print.