Changing Landscape

15 Changing-LandscapeJust the other day I was talking to good mate and fellow bodyboarder/photographer Luke Greaves, about how technology has changed the face of bodyboarding as we remember it. In the early days we would pack the board, jump in the car and hit the road. It was as simple as that. Somehow we would always get fun waves, but if the conditions weren’t quite what we had hoped for, then the exploring would begin and we would look for something new. It was so exciting and you never knew what to expect or what you might find. Today the landscape has changed completely and with webcams, buoy weather and a plethora of surf reports to choose from, it’s all too easy to know where to surf on any given day. Sure, this is great and has resulted in more amazing surfs that I can count, but for me there was nothing like the anticipation of racing through the trees as the sun rose, with absolutely no idea what lay ahead.