The Touch “Metaphoric Error”

You’ll have to excuse me forgetting exact dates, but for anyone like myself in the indi film game, Canon’s 5DMKII accompanied by Vincent Laforet’s short film “Reverie” released back in 2008, was the moment when cinema quality images came within reach of our ever stretched (non existent) budgets. It was the first time we’d seen the elusive shallow depth of field we’d been chasing for so long and it opened the option of interchange lenses, without those pesky 35mm lens adaptors from the likes of Letus and RedRock. While the functionality of the camera left much to be desired, it was a massive step forward and with firmware updates not too far away, it signalled game on. Now, nearly 5 years later, everything has continued to evolve and those often uttered words “game changer” get thrown around all too often, but never have they been so appropriately used as the 5D MKII release.

Having worked with the Letus Extreme on numerous occasions prior to the MKII, it seemed like this new release would solve all of our problems. It seems funny now as the 5D MKII probably created more dilemmas than it answered, but the anticipation was palpable and at that time and the image quality spoke for itself. As DSLR’s had not been used in this manner before, we had to customise everything ourselves and the evil camera nerd inside was unleashed. We kept it all as simple as possible, except for the steadicam rig. Nowadays anything and everything you can think of is available on the market, but it wasn’t so easy to begin with.

I wasn’t the only one itching to see how this beast performed, so finding a crew together was easy and by early 2009, we were ready. The first shoot was to be a for a mate’s band ‘The Touch’ and the concept was simple. A live show where the lead singer falls for a cute girl… or does he?

A music video by Brad Halstead

The Touch ‘Metaphoric Error’
(The Touch are no more, but they have reformed with an all new sound under the name ‘Messrs’)

Producer/Director/DOP/Edit: Brad Halstead
Co-Producer: Michael Zeitz
1st AD: Kristy Copley
Focus Puller: Vivyan Madigan
Camera Assistant: Victoria Cocks
Gaffer: Pete Hall
Production Design: James Mellor – Rest in peace mate, we miss you.
Stills: Maxx Corkindale
Hair and Makeup: Aleisha Gannon, Kelly Halstead, Rhegan Cox

Model: Tessa Boehm

Venue: Rocket Bar

Steve Huddy
Greg Thomson
Liz Francis
Ian Leggatt
PJ Murton
Evan Coghlan
Declan Walker
Liz Magnerud

Canon 5DMKII
Canon 24-70 2.8L
Canon 70-200 2.8L
Miller Compass 35 with 3 Stage Solo legs
Kino 4ft 4 bank x2
Lightweight Steadicam (Sorry, unsure of model)