Mmm Doritos

We made this TVC for the Doritos ‘You Make It, We Play It’ Competition back in 2009. It didn’t make top 50, but had a blast regardless. Shot on the Canon 5D MKII with it’s original firmware, achieving a correct exposure with the desired aperture was actually quite a funny juggling act, pointing the camera into the light source and attempting to lock the exposure, but it’d usually work after a couple of attempts. For the tracking shots, we used an old trolley borrowed from the local TAFE and attached it to the Wheelchair with two magic arms. Once the custom adapted Chrosziel Mattebox was attached with gaffa tape and cable ties, we had one of the most industrial rigs I’ve used ha ha. So much fun!

Creative Team: Michael Zeitz, Brad Halstead & Matt Devitt
Director of Photography: Brad Halstead
Sound Recordist: Terry Archer
Hair / Makeup / Unit: Kristy Copley
Man: Brendan Rock
Nanna: Bridget Walters
Special Thanks: Steve Huddy, Pete Hall, Liz Francis Ian Leggatt

Canon 5D MKII
Chrosziel Matte-Box
Miller DS10 with 2 Stage Solo Legs
Some random old trolly used as a dolly
Sticks, stones, gaffa taps and cable ties